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CONSTRUCTION just got GORGEOUS with Excellence Interiors

At Excellence Living, we are always striving to expand and grow our business to meet the needs of our much valued and loyal customers.

We continuously tailor and enhance our services to exceed the needs of each unique project. Including the supply and installation of bathroom suites, kitchens, flooring, storage solutions and other bespoke fixtures and fittings.
By building this into our project management, customers have one less thing to worry about with the added bonus of benefiting from our generous TRADE DISCOUNTS AND PRODUCT GUARANTEES.
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Protecting your Construction and Sparkle Budget

We understand that any home or loft conversion project has two separate budgets.


  • 1st


    • This covers the cost of your Architect, Structural Engineer, Labour and Materials, Planning and Building Control Applications and Inspection Fees.
  • 2nd


    • This is where you make your new space come alive; inject your character and family’s personality into it. Adding all those finishing touches that marry your new space into your existing home. This is where you create your very own perfect space, that you can’t wait to get home to.

Putting the AFTER-THOUGHT first.

With nearly 30 years trade and home conversion experience, Excellence Interiors aims to put the ‘afterthought’ at the heart of your initial project planning. Pro-actively and re-actively responding to your design changes and requests.

We want to ensure that every single one of our projects is finished to its maximum potential.

Helping you to make the very most out of both your Construction and Sparkle budget.


“You don’t know, what you don’t know”

We believe that a loft conversion or home improvement project is never fully designed until it is finished, dressed, you’ve moved in & got your feet up enjoying it.

It is completely normal for customers to change their mind on their initial design, once work starts to take shape. Your project will be a process that evolves and is tweaked as you progress.

We work constantly throughout the entire construction process to guide you on key decisions:

  • Window size, type and positioning
  • Internal room size
  • Floorplan layout
  • Electrical points
  • Lighting
  • Finishing features

This includes the little, but equally important things such as the positioning of your switches and sockets. There is nothing worse than completing a project and wishing that you had:

  • Taken that little bit of extra time to research all of your available options
  • Taken the time to imagine how you would like to use and interact with your new space. Considering your habits & lifestyle needs
  • Stretched your budget just that little bit further, to gain a MUCH bigger return on your investment
  • Been given the chance to tweak or add a few extra vital features, that would make all the difference, once you moved into the space

It's these little considerations that make all the difference when it comes to loving every inch of your new space & providing you with that warm sense of happiness, every time you use it.

Excellence understands that when you are asked to make important decisions on your final desired look, feel, and finish, this can sometimes be difficult or even overwhelming.

Excellence Interiors has been created to help guide you through your options. Including how to achieve these in the most cost effective & efficient way.

Put simply... If you don’t know what all the possible options are, how can you make an informed & cost effective decision?


We could all benefit from more natural light and fresh air in our lives and when it comes to Property Development, natural light is KING. If you consider the amount of time we spend in our homes, the art of letting the outside in has never been more important.

As well as the scientifically proven health & well-being benefits of natural daylight, having the right quality and configuration of glazing in your home can provide greater energy efficiencies, saving you money & homeowners with an enhanced daily experience.

In short, daylight can have an enormous effect on how a space looks, feels and functions. It can elevate a space from dark, gloomy and uninviting, to a room where the whole family wants to hang out.

As official and registered installers of Velux Windows, our team of experts can advise you on the best & most cost effective means to unite your outdoors & indoors, gaining you the natural light your home and family can truly benefit from.


As with natural light, artificial light is a powerful, but often under-utilised Home Improvement tool.

Effective mood lighting can give your home fabulous personality.

Depending on the type of lighting and how you position it, there are no limits to the visual effects or emotional benefits that this versatile, stylish and highly effective decorative tool can give you.

  • LED Strip Lights
  • Directional Lights
  • Decorative Wall Washer
  • Up lights
  • Spotlights
  • Drop Pendants
  • Sculptured Wall Lights
  • Multi-coloured Lights

If you would like to learn how your home can be illuminated to reach its fullest potential, please get in touch or visit our Lighting Design page and let us introduce you to our Award-Winning Lighting Design Engineer.


As with all interior design, flooring can greatly influence the feel & experience you gain from your living space.

It can either provide a welcoming & stylish visual impact or one that triggers unpleasant & distracting irritations.

Factors you may like to consider when selecting the right flooring:

  • STYLE - What look or overall design style are you hoping to achieve. Do you want your choice of flooring to be the backing singer or the star of the show? Do you want it to blend in with your walls, compliment your colour scheme or add another texture and depth to your space? How does the flooring flow & connect to the rest of the house?

  • WHERE - Where in your home is the new flooring being laid? Is it in a high traffic area, therefore needing to be hard wearing and durable? Will it need to be moisture or water resistant? How often or difficult will this flooring be to clean, in case of spills, footfall and usage?

  • LIFESTYLE - The flooring you choose needs to be suitable for your family and your daily lifestyle habits. Do you smoke – some flooring may stain or trap odours. Do you have young children or pets – so a polished floor may get scratched, chipped or dented, whereas solid and engineered wood floors can be sanded & refinished many times, to refresh and get looking like new

  • WHO - Homes and their owners are a partnership. In return for your love and investment, your home should provide you with a positive daily experience. Consider how you want to feel in this space & who will be mostly using it? Do you want to feel comfort & softness underfoot and have a flooring that invites you to have carpet picnics and cuddles? Or are you looking for a clean, crisp feel, which is both efficient and vibrant. Do you like bright clinical colours, or do you prefer a warmer, softer and gentler pallet?

  • INVESTMENT - One of the biggest considerations when selecting your flooring is of course budget. The purchase of the actual flooring is only one element & fitting accessories and labour must also be built into your costings. Best is best. It is always worth considering how much you can stretch to. Sometimes buying cheap, can become expensive and impact greatly


The kitchen is well known for being the heart of the home. It is the centre for all the Hussle-and-Bustle of family life, social gatherings and domestic business.

BEAUTY & PURPOSE - Are you a gadget fanatic, or is your happiness simplicity, clutter free, everything carefully hidden away? Do you crave a stylish and formal dining area, whilst still maintaining a relaxed family space? Do you want a kitchen that is bold, outrageous and fun, but easy to clean & maintain?

DAYLIGHT IS KING - Ensuring you make the most out of natural sunlight and your outdoor spaces, can completely elevate even the smallest of kitchen spaces.

The correct type, size, positioning and configuration of glazing can cleverly provide an all-year round space, that is not only stylish and beautiful but one that connects and unites your in and outdoor spaces. This giving the illusion of a much larger, fresher and open living space.

DESIGN EASE - Our dedicated kitchen designer understands the importance of carefully combining great style and essential practicality. She will work with you to select all of the individually cabinets to create your kitchen masterpiece. Right down to the cabinet handles, tiling and other personalised essentials and accessories.


If the kitchen is the heart of your home, the bathroom is most definitely its soul.

SPACE - Unless you are very lucky, the bathroom is frequently the smallest room in the house. Although people are generally either a bath or shower lover, we all like to have the choice. Many of our customers, opt for a separate shower, rather than just over the bath. Allowing a busy family to have one person in the tub, whilst another is showering. But fitting all of this in, can sometimes be a design challenge.

WET ROOMS - Can offer the perfect space saving solution, especially in Loft Conversions. Allowing you to stylishly fit in all of your favourite bathroom fixtures and fittings. Floor to ceiling tiling, creates the perfect interior design backdrop. Fitted with a large glass panel, to create a spacious walk-in shower. Concealed, wall-hung toilets are another great space-saving and sleek feature. If privacy is required, why not consider a built-in pocket door, which simply slides away into the wall, rather than opening in or out, into a room, which can compromise space.

A FAMILY BATHROOM - Needs room for everyone. Why not consider some smart storage, cleverly built in, to hide away all those personal bits and bobs, bath toys or bathroom essentials?

STYLE - Depending on your personal style, you could opt for a clean, elegant and smooth look or if you prefer a more organic and tactile finish, you could speak to us about using reclaimed materials or even real stone wall cladding. This could be paired with modern and innovative fixtures, to give you the ultimate spa retreat.


So, we have finished creating your perfect space & It’s almost ready for you to move in and enjoy.

If your budget allows, we would highly recommend our professional decorating team, to beautifully finish off your construction project.

Although all of our projects are finished to a high standard, this is still to a construction high standard. There is always a reasonable amount of preparation work that needs to be carried out, before you can start to apply that gorgeous designer wallpaper or paint.

As part of our one-stop-shop range of Home Improvement services, we always go that extra mile, to ensure that your newly constructed spaces look their ABSOLUTE BEST & reach their fullest FABULOUSNESS.

Our highly skilled decorators can be hired to do as much or as little as you like, but all of our customers agree, that this little bit of extra investment, really does go along way and is definitely worth it.

Our decorators can professionally & skilfully prepare all of your walls and woodwork, to ensure any paint or wall coverings look flawless. They will advise on and even source your perfect coloured paint.

Should you like to discuss finishing your project off to its fullest potential, please let your Team Leader know or contact the office and we would be delighted to organise a free, no obligation quote.


Whether you have converted your loft or garage, built a stunning home extension or even renovated your existing spaces, families can never have enough storage.

Sometimes, shop bought furniture isn’t quite right or doesn’t allow you to maximise a spaces true potential. Once again, Excellence has your needs covered. Whether this is something plain, simple and functional or even elegant, sophisticated and highly decorative.

Our expert carpenter can skilfully create your bespoke storage solution, to fit your home, space and needs perfectly.

If you feel that you would like to include additional storage into your build project, speak with your team leader or the office and we can arrange for our carpenter to visit and talk through your needs & desired look, feel and finish. From this, he will be able to present to you, all of the possible design options and a free no obligation quote.

As a growing family with three boys ranging from 6 to 13, we definitely needed more space. Paul and his team not only helped create a much-loved sanctuary for our eldest teenage son, but their level of care, attention to detail & continuous advice, made the whole process a breeze. Our loft conversion added real value to our house, but more importantly gave us back our home. The space has been a huge difference to our family.

A Kounnou

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We have been so impressed with the professional, first-class service shown by Excellence Living. The polite and friendly team listened to all our requirements and worked diligently to deliver our building projects on time and in budget. We are delighted with the finished results of their workmanship - which has added a real “WOW” factor to our home - and we would highly recommend Excellence Living to anyone.

Mr & Mrs Venn

Uphill, WSM White quotation mark White quotation mark

Tan and I are over the moon with the lovely space you have created - the kids love it. Thank you to you and your team for delivering a cracking conversion.

Jason Roberts

East Brent, Highbridge White quotation mark White quotation mark

We love our loft – Excellence Loft Services did a brilliant job. They really listened to us and the result is a stunning space. They were also really nice chaps to have around. We will definitely use them again when we need any building work.

Mr & Mrs Freeman

Bristol White quotation mark White quotation mark

We are really pleased with our loft. The space Paul & the boys have created is fantastic. Rosa & Noah certainly like it! It's made a huge difference to the space with have.

Mr & Mrs Ford

Portishead White quotation mark White quotation mark

Thank you for your hard work, expertise & enthusiasm in the planning and delivery of our loft conversion. The new space is beautiful and means our home can now meet our needs in the future.

Mr & Mrs Davey

St Georges, Bristol White quotation mark White quotation mark